The term Corporate Stationery refer to those prints are designed as the first applications of the logo and are traditionally* the main object of Corporate Identity for a graphic designer. They are the face of a business and are the most necessary in daily communication with partners or with existing as well as potential clients.

For the website needs, here have been gathered work samples of:

  • business cards,
  • letterheads,
  • envelops,
  • business documents (invoice, proof, etc.),
  • note & order blocks
  • greeting cards

Brochures, Catalogs and Invitations are presented separately since they are not necessarily corporate prints.

Separately are also registered work samples of Folders, even though they belong right to the corporate stationery.

* Traditionally, all of these used to be printed. But they have now largely been replaced by their digital form, which of course requires the same care to design. What seems to be more resistant of all above is the humblest of the prints: the Business Card!